Thursday, November 13, 2014

You are the Riches of Life!

What makes Life Rich? What makes You Feel Rich: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul? Live this Inquiry and create a Life where You Feel absolute Abundance. So Rich in the Love of Living. Being You. Sip in the Magic REMEMBERing: You are the Riches. Yes. You. Are. Receive Your Self and FEEL your Cup runneth Over spilling this Force of Love into every moment and everyone. Feel the Rush, the Swirling as Infinity echoes through You. The Abundance of Life is You. Each breath is Sacred, connecting You to this Cosmic dance as You stand here on earth living your life being You. When You know the Abundance of Life you embody, You walk through your days with a Sense of Purpose in your mere existence beyond the Limited Roles you plug into. You touch limitlessness dropping into Your Brave Heart. Uncontainable. Wild. Free. Ever-Opening. Ever-Growing. You Feel worthy to Receive All the Good that IS and worthy of Giving All the Good that lies within You. Each moment Is bursting with potential so Alive. You clutch your Heart as the veil lifts and You see how Rich You are. Here. Now. You have EVERYTHING. You are the Love of the heavens ever-flowing in the flesh dancing through eternity briefly and magnificently. Yes. You. And You Believing in Your Self is the Miracle you are waiting for. Shower Your Self with Love daring to Believe in You and the Beauty of Your Life. Feel your Self. Receive Your Self wide Open to all that Is and all that will Be. BELIEVE in the Treasure You are, Welcoming the Good, claiming what IS, letting Go of the Ideas that "someday" you will be Rich and Feel the Awe and Wonder. You being You. Simply Living. Doing You. Appreciating the Riches. What You appreciate Appreciates! You are Rich and growing Richer. The Best is right here and the Best is Yet to Be. Feel this! Feel You. Love this Day for a million reasons and no reason at all. Love being You. And you will experience RICHES beyond measure. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

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