Saturday, November 22, 2014

Seeing Your Self. Meeting Your Self.

Sitting at a cafe approximately a year and a half into living through my own death following the death of my husband, I pulled out my journal and wrote: "All is Stripped Away. I see My Self. Nice to Meet You." And cried in awe. Receiving my Self. The woman I was. In that Moment. And I continue to See My Self. More of me knocking. Wow! What an Amazing Ride Life Is. Let it Be. Please. Find the Beauty in All experiences as they are there to Reveal YOU. Yes!!! Authenticity is a life-long journey into Your Self. You letting go again and again. The drama and chaos is necessary. Be present to what comes your way as it is Not the Universe punishing You. It awakens you to who you truly are, to what you truly want and forces you to look at who you give authority over your life pleasing others at the expense of You. You discover the Fire inside when You can no longer betray your Self in order to Be who others need or expect you to Be. You See that Your Grit is Your Grace. Life knocking you on your ass to show You your strength, The Power that lies within You, this Force of Love springing from the depths of You. You aligned feeling your Fire parting the seas and moving the mountains. Empowered. Centered. Alive. Your Brave Heart roaring. No going back to sleep. No unringing the bell. You cannot Not know what you know as your consciousness evolves again and again. So liberating and terrifying! Everything changes. The inner shift creates the outer shift. You Letting go of the constructed Self. You letting go of what no longer serves You. You letting go as you are aware that You aren't the same and nothing stays the same as You are ever-growing. Each day of your Life, Be Brave enough to Stand in who You are and Be Open allowing More of You to come out and Play. Being True to You letting go of what no longer fits your life making space. Trusting your Self is essential, understanding who You are and how you distinctly see the world. Letting go of needing others to approve or see life as You do. Your projections are Yours. Keep Them. Hold your Self dear and delight in Your unique views and expression. Dance Free. You knowing You. Me Knowing me. Living the Truth. Mine. The Life I know is Mine. And yours is Yours. I see the Beauty of You where You are as I see the Beauty of me where I am. True friendship is with our Self. And standing in who we are. Whole. We play along side others celebrating All. Ohhh Life. Opening. Flowing. Leading you. Me. All. Home. No need for boundaries. You stand as You. As I stand as me. Unshakable. Your opinions yours. Mine reflect me. Ever-changing. Shifting. Me. You. All. Alive! Awakening. Yes. I now See. You expressing You in the living of this adventure. Returning Home. Discovering More. Always more! How exciting. Truly. Let the Wild that comes knocking shake shit Up stirring You from your slumber. You awakening in ways You didn't even know you were sleeping. Just Say: "Nice to Meet You!" And enjoy the emerging Self ready to Ride You into the More, New Life awaiting. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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