Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stand In Faith!

Stand in Faith. And You stand with the Power of the Universe, this Soul Force of Love ALIVE within You, echoing from your every breath. Your Faith is The Inner foundation that You build your outer life on, materializing Your Spirit. Your outer world mirroring your inner world. Everyone loses Faith. It is part of returning Home, finding your way to your Higher Self, discovering again and again new depths of You ever-calling. The Unshakeable strength within You. You Rising! You awakening to the Beauty of You and your life made possible by the Not so pretty, the shit storms, the overwhelm, the challenges. Navigating the days with a Sense of the Greatness You embody parts the seas and moves the mountains. Faith doesn't make the obstacles go away. They come. And will come. But you aligned with your divine essence, this Ocean of Love makes You Fierce. Your brave heart kicking ass for You doing whatever it takes to Free You and taste the Joy of Living, the Joy of being You. Moment by moment. Be at Play. Feel your truest Song sing through You from the depths of Your Soul all Day come what may. Be Grateful. Carry an abiding THANK YOU! In your Heart breath by breath. Be Light-hearted. Laugh your ass off at whatever You can. Find the Humor in the Crazy, in the absurdity of Life. Be the LOVE! Love your Self Up wherever You are. Let Go of judgment and hold Your Self dear as you would a child or a friend in need. Return to the innocence, your soul that knows ALL IS WELL even when it feels otherwise. Let the sun shine IN, OUT, THROUGH you no matter what. Have Faith. The Light is Always there. It is You. You are the Light. All that heaven you embody. Feel it! Receive it! Share it! It is EVERYTHING. It is your Greatest Offering. It is the Truth of You. Damn, it is Good to be You:). Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

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