Monday, November 10, 2014

Life is Weird and Strange and WONDERful!

Life is Weird. Life is Strange. Life is Oh so Wonderful. And in the Weird and Strange, we discover the Wonderful! What we call Weird and Strange is simply the Unknown. But Life being the Great Adventure it Is plunges us into the Weird and Strange again and again. Our Brave Hearts Opening wider and wider, we Let Go and Ride the Spark of excitement that comes from exploring the unknown. Stoked! Experiencing the Wonders moment by moment. Grounded in a sense of who You are Now. Living Open to what's next. Letting go of limiting beliefs. Erasing all those lines You have drawn. No BS Living! No boundaries. Dancing Wildly. Shocking Your Self. Surprising Your Self. Meeting More of Your Self each day in quiet moments; in moments where You are living Out Loud; knowing Your Self but Not locking your Self into a fixed idea. You are Alive! Ever-blossoming, ever-growing, ever-Surprising! How could You ever KNOW the Weird and the Strange are gifting You, stripping You of cages you don't even realize confine You? Trust Your Higher Self connected to the Wisdom of the Universe that KNOWS: Everything is Perfect. There is no way to F*ck Up this Life. Every Moment is Alive with Creative Potential, Life Ever-Flowing, flying You FREE into Spontaneity. You at Play with Infinity. Let Go! Let Go! Let Go! Just stay the Course into the Weird and Strange knowing the Wonderful will surely be revealed. Walk your path being You doing what You do anticipating the AMAZING trusting the grace of the Universe is carrying You, guiding You into your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Breathe! Feel life pulsing through You in the midst of the Weird and Strange. So WONDERFUL. Choice by choice, step by step, Live! Be with Your Self. Be with Life. You are made Rich by the Living. Each destination is a beginning and an ending; you arrive where we always wanted to go and discover it is an ending and beginning. Life ever-cycling. You can't Stop Life from doing what it does. No controlling. Miracles spring from the Letting GO! Until your last breath. Ohhh...Wondrous Life! So Fun. Magical. Mystical. Inviting you to Rise Higher and Higher. Remembering: YOU were born to Fly as only You can. Go ahead. Test those wings. JUMP! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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