Friday, November 14, 2014

The Power of Your Open Heart

This Love. This Love. This Love. Ohhh, This Force of Love You embody. You are the heavens in the flesh. You are the vessel carrying All the light you cannot see. All that Fire. The Passion that came to dance You for your Joy. The Power of An Open Heart is absolutely immeasurable. The effect of You so vast. The Vibration of You lifts the Heart of the World. Living with Your Heart open to You showering your Self with abiding Love and understanding; nourishing Your Self with kindness and compassion, You cannot help but offer your Heart to All you meet along the way. The energy of the Heart is fierce with the fire to kickass and it is the healing balm bringing the Light into the darkest of dark moments. You cannot give the world what you cannot give your Self. Closed off. Disconnected from your Sacred Self, your magnificent Heart, you cannot connect to others. It All starts with You. In this moment, take your own hand and hold it gently, caressing it, soothing your self. Or hold it firmly, saying: "I got You! I am Not letting Go." Jump. Drop into your Heart. Feel the Love echo through your every breath. Feel life ever-flowing wash through all of you, clearing what must go: worry, doubt, fear, anxiety. Just Breathe. Inhale, receiving the Love. Exhale, letting go of All that grips you. Come into this moment. Again and again. All day long. Meet your Self with Love. Let Hope do what it does. Welcome the Peace within you resting within your Self, no matter how chaotic the circumstances. Dare to LOVE the moments to LOVE your Self! LOVE is the Miracle. Always. Believe in the possibilities. Expect the More you are anticipating to come your way. Look for the Ever-Present Beauty. Smile from the inside out delighting in a sense of the Magic You are and Life IS. Let your truest song of Love make You Happy Dance :). And Remember: It is damn Good to be You! You do You perfectly. Yes. You. Do. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

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