Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dream Big So BIG...

Dream Big so BIG and let it Go! Let the Universe unfold You and Your Sacred desires living in the here and now. Knowing this moment is Your Life. Allowing what Is to Be creates the Magic. Let your grateful Heart shine the Light on All moments. Invite your sense of Wonder and Awe. Perception is Reality! It is. Shift and adjust again and again. Consciously choose your attitude, your lens. Dare to See the Extraordinary in the Ordinary. Ohhh Life. Some Amazing Ride! Watch the Road rise to meet You step by step. Opening door after door. Blessing your Self and Life wherever You are. Believing the Dream is Now not someday far away. Awaken to the Good pulsing through You and all moments. The Good abides. It simply Is. Life flowing. Receive this force of Love You are! This is your truest Power. Yes it is. But knowing this You Must take responsibility for Your Life and Not play small, Not play victim to others. You standing on Your Own two feet connected to Your Higher Self aligned with the Creative Field have the Power to move the mountains, all obstacles and limitations your Mind creates. Breaking Free from preconceived ideas comes from Living Open. Allowing the "We'll See." You liberated. You knowing You are Free. Wow! Your Brave Heart is Fierce and will light your inner fire in a Flash roaring and fighting for You. Reminding You who you are: The Dreamer. And the Dream. Jerking a knot in your tail energetically when you give your Power away. When you Forget, going to sleep at the wheel of Your Life, falsely Believing from fear based conditioning that You Must comply, conform and bend to another. Giving others The Power over You and Your Life. These experiences bring the opportunity to say HELL NO! To choose Not to betray your Self, to Not go along to get where you want to Go, selling You Soul. Following the herd can feel like a death march. Every step violating You. Energy does Not lie. Tune In. Let Go. Let LOVE bring the Miracles. Let LOVE kick ass for You. Let LOVE show You what You are made of. Let LOVE whisper: YOU MATTER! You F*cking Matter. YOU do. And let the limitless depth of Courage fuel You this Day and every Day, moment by moment, choice by choice. Be at Play! Spontaneously Dancing with Infinity. Singing your truest Song. Anticipating All the Good that echoes through Your very breath. Materializing Your Spirit. Manifesting your Destiny, the blueprint of your Soul ever-guiding You Home to Your Self, to the Life you came here to Live. Pulling your Dreams from the heavens within You onto this Earth for Your JOY in Living. Being You. Badassssss Brave YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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