Thursday, November 6, 2014

This Day: Pour Your HEART Out!

Pour Your HEART into this Day moment by moment. Love! Love! Love! Live this Day wide Open. Love it All. This is Your Life. And Your Love brings the Miracles. Your Love is the Truest Power you possess, the universe within You, this Creative Force pouring from within You into the World. Love lights the Way in the darkest of Dark. Love abides. It pulses through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Flowing and spiraling breath by breath carrying You Home to a Sense of Self beyond the human conditions that slice and dice and squeeze you into boxes that strip You of the Beauty and Truth of You. You returning to Your essential Self, so Divine and Limitless bring Your Self whole into this Sacred Dance. In this Energy, ANYTHING is Possible. You plugged IN, feel this. You grounded in Your Spirit, the inner foundation that Moves the Mountains. Walking this World in Faith, Trust and Certainty no matter the external events. The shit storms of Life are No Match for You. You face what comes knowing if You are led to an experience, there is Gold for you to mine. Your Presence to events witnessing and letting Go of old patterns that make You cut and run changes EVERYTHING! Meeting Life in the direct experiences knowing every event mirrors You, conscious crap and unconscious crap, beliefs that must be reviewed for You to evolve and grow. Loving Your Self. Holding your own hand as You dare to See what has been veiled. It ain't easy seeing when you betray, abandon, choose to please others over your Self; giving your Power away forgetting your Good in this Life comes from the Universe Not People in "powerful" positions. Aligned with this Force of Love you are, you are led to the earth angels who help you, enrich you and dance with You for your highest Good and Greatest Joy. You knowing Your Worth. Soul-esteem fueling this human Journey. You letting Go of Bullshit beliefs and old stories that hold You hostage. You Ascending into higher consciousness, aware of who You truly are. YOU rising to meet Your Self, heaven within You, letting your essence dance You, soul fueled: UNSTOPPABLE. Uncontainable. Alive. Passion! Pouring Your HEART Out freeing all the Fire you came here to express for Your Joy. Follow Your Bliss. The Heart-based Life is Fierce. You are Brave with a well of Courage ready to Do whatever it takes to Live the Life You came here to Love. You being You. Badassssss Brave! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

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