Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Surprises are the Best of Life!

Please! Please! Please! Go into this Day Wide Open expecting the Unexpected. Anticipating the Good that is sure to Come. Surprises are the Best of Life! You show Up for the Day and Let the Universe show Off. This is Your Great Adventure unfolding moment by moment, breath by breath. You being You, doing what You do, living your Life connected to Your Self, aligned with Life ever-flowing, ever-guiding You into Your highest Good and Greatest Joy. You consciously participating setting intentions focusing your energy on what You want to experience. Feeling the Abundance You are and Life Is. In a Flash, MORE is revealed. Oh this AWEsome Life! Ever-growing YOU. Taking YOU into the Miracle You are. Dancing You FREE and Wild! You See The Beauty. Always here. Always there. Living Open, giving Thanks for What IS for all that has been AND inviting The Amazing Grace pulsing through You and All of Creation to Bring on the More. Not knowing exactly what the More Is but Believing with All of You there's Always More until your last breath. Living in the "we'll see" is MAGIC! Beyond fixed ideas and expectations that limit You and the Possibilities. Living in the "We'll See," You let go and OPEN to the surprises you cannot plan. This is badasssss Living! Opportunity knocks, potentials within You Blossom in the Living of Your life, meeting just who You need to, receiving messages and affirmations that remind You: YOU are Magic! Life is Magic! You knock on doors and Trust the doors will Open that are aligned with You. No need to pry them Open or Force them. Knock and Let Go! Detaching from beliefs of HOW it will open. Holding the Vision of your Dreams materializing. Knowing who You are and that You have everything to Give. Untethering. Letting GO! again and again. Claiming what You want and expecting It. Living in the "We'll See," hunting for the treasures All day, every day. Remembering who you Truly are and the Power that lies within You. Let GO! And Go kick this Days ass being You. Freeing You. Loving You. Living BIG connected to this LOVE You are. Celebrating this Day as if It is the Last. Knowing this is IT. This IS Your life. Here. Now. Feel the YES!!! echoing from the depths of You. Shouting: Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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