Friday, October 31, 2014

Every Moment is ALIVE!

Every moment is Alive! Feel this. Feel your Self. Connect. Here. Now. Breath by breath flowing. Freeing the Fire You carry. Living the Passion. Opening. Surrendering. This moment Dancing us into the Next. This IS Life. Orchestrating events. Unfolding surprises. Bringing what we need but don't always want. Trusting Life. Receiving the Love within always here. Always there. Hope springing revealing possibilities. Lifting You. Again and again. Facing the shit storms allowing the grace to awaken you and transform you into the Butterfly. Cycling with Life. Beginnings and endings. Ebbs and flows. Letting the tides turn You poetically. The stripping. The pruning. Absolutely necessary as each of us is ever-growing and evolving. Some get thrown in deep end. And learn to swim. Some take swim lessons. And learn to swim. Each of us experience Life uniquely learning to swim. To Ride the waves. Sinking. Struggling. Kicking. Letting Go. Leaning into the Moments. So Alive! Leaving the familiar shore. Moving toward the new shores calling. Awaiting. Your brave heart pulsing with Possibilities. Not knowing. Knowing it is gonna be F*cking Awesome. Feeling: Anything is Possible. Believing! Grabbing the Moment. Rising. Riding It. Seeing where it takes You. All roads lead you back to You. More of You. More Alive than you knew was possible. Tasting the Goodness. Life ripening You sweetly. Even in the bitter. Remembering who You truly Are. Refusing to give Up. Giving your Self the Love and Unconditional understanding You crave from others. Holding your own hand. Leaping into What's Next. Jumping with Joy. That Can't Wait Feeling washing through you anticipating the Good that is sure to come. Come what may. The rhythm: effort and grace. Life dancing You. You dancing Life. Going for it! Wanting what you want. And Living Open in the "We'll See." You are so badaasssss Brave with limitless Courage. Go kick this days ass. Moment by moment. Be Alive. Consciously participate. Awake to this Dream Life Is. Love it All! Being You. Doing You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)))!

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