Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Light this Day UP!

You are a Creative Force! You are a divine Spark. The fire of the heavens embodied Expressing On earth. Within You, the Universe, housing the Wisdom ever-guiding You into Life. New Life. New beginnings. This Day. Each moment. Opening You to See the possibilities for You. Your Life. All life. Colliding. Collaborating. Dancing Free into your Greatest Joy and Highest Good. Living a Life that Feels true to You. Experiencing the sense that this is The Life you came here to Live. The challenges and the triumphs. The ease and the climbs. The moments you want to wish away and the moments you want to be in forever. All perfect. All revealing You. Life: a little bit of heaven. And a little bit if hell. The Paradox. Holding it All. Fortifying your Faith in You. Faith in the Universe. Faith in humanity. Believing the seeds You sow affect the whole. Knowing you are the Hope, the Peace, the Grace, the Joy, the Love. Engaged. Connected to your sense of Self. Moving through this Day from your Center. Deliberate. Steadfast. Commanding your Energy. Participating fully. Consciously choosing. Resetting your Attitude. Letting Go of old Bullshit beliefs that steal your precious Life. Inhaling. Feeling the Flow of Life open you wider and wider. Exhaling. Feeling the stale energies exit. Using your Breath to liberate your Self again and again. Not letting the storms carry you away. Acknowledging the overwhelm. And going deeper within Your Self. Receiving this Love you are. Fishing from the Ocean within You all Day. Knowing You have the Power within You. Always. Here. Now. Returning Home. Standing in the Fierceness of your Brave Heart. Telling the shit storm that blows in to F*ck Off. Laughing out Loud. It is so Fun to Rule your Life. Taking Charge. Cursing the darkness. Refusing to tangle in it. Seeing Your Self. The Light you are. Illuminating the moments threatening to take You OUT. Claiming. This is Your Life. This is Your Great Adventure. Live It. Awake. Dream Bigger than You feel is Safe as You walk through this Day EXCITED! Happy to be You. Happyass Dancin for no reason at all. Singin a Happy Song in your Heart because it FEELS good. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:).

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