Friday, October 24, 2014


Embrace Your Self. This Day. Be in the direct Experience touching Life. Moment by moment. Breath by breath. Letting Life touch YOU. This Sacred Dance. Remembering who YOU are! The Essence of You, this Creative Force, the Universal field animating You. This Aliveness springing through You. Opening. Freeing. Each experience awakens You to this deeper sense of Self. Abiding Purpose beyond the external, beyond all the roles you express. Sitting still. Being You. At Play with Infinity ever-guiding you Home. All experiences serving You, reminding You who you are inviting You to Rise higher and higher. Clarity comes. Knowing what You really want through experiencing what You don't. Knowing who You are from experiencing You Tryin' to be who others need and expect You to be. Knowing that finding Your Way includes getting Lost. Embracing Your Self and your personal Odyssey consciously participating. Here. Now. This is Your Life! Be with It. Be with Your Self. The very thing You seek is here and Now. You. Life. This unfolding Adventure. You flashing through eternity. Let go! Flowing. Trusting. Believing. Lighting the Way with You.This is Your Life. Drop into It. Experience It. Exercise your Power of Choice understanding All that lies within You. Obstacles will come. Challenges will come. And They are no match for You. Within You lies the Soul Force of the Universe, this Ocean of Love. Receive Your Self. Connect to It. It is You. Part the seas. Move the mountains. Use the Power of the heavens as You walk this earth Experiencing You. Experiencing Life. Living the Life you came here to Live. You expressing Authentically. Excavating the More ready to Play. Allowing the More. It is You. Birthing new Life. Again and again. Freeing the Passion, this Love of living, being You. Shedding preconceived ideas and beliefs that limit You and bleed your precious energy. Seeing the cage door is always Open. Flying Out. Living beyond your wildest Imaginings. Riding this Amazing Life. Remembering: You are the Dream. You are the Dreamer. Awakening. Experiencing the Joy of being You. Living Simply. Simply being You. So Badassss! Now GO kick this days ass. Okay. Okay? Happyass Dancin with All of You Feeling the Wonder and sense of Excitement. Hearing the Music Echoing from your Brave Heart. Celebrating the Possibilities. Living Spirited! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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