Friday, October 3, 2014

I BELIEVE in You! Yes. I. Do.

I BELIEVE in You! I BELIEVE in You! I BELIEVE in YOU! Yes. I. Do. Feel these words. Feel my Belief in You. Feel the possibilities within You stir. Feel the Magic of You. Here. Now. Alive! Ready to Rock. Excited for this Adventure living this Day is. Anticipating all the Amazing people you will meet along the way. Inviting the Play of Life to Surprise the Hell outa You. Shock You! Revealing More of You. You ever-blossoming. Opening your Brave Heart to your Self, to this Day. Remembering: YOU are the Offering! You are the Dream and the Dreamer, participating in this sacred Dance. Create this Day wide open sensing ANYTHING is Possible. Stand in Faith BELIEVING in your Self receiving the Force of Love within You. Connecting to the Universe within You. The Power within You ever-springing. Always here. Always there. Within You. Infinity of Life flowing. Pulsing through you: Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Use your breath to Touch this Sacredness. The Passion you came here to express. This energy of Love. Living. Being You. No one can stop the pain of Life. No way to avoid the sucky things that happen. No one can undo the Hurts from the past that have caused you to put up walls attempting to protect your Self. No way to bypass Pain as it is as essential as Joy. Life will take us to our knees and lift us to heights we could never have imagined. Life is a little bit of heaven. And a little bit of hell. Challenging us with obstacles that seem unsurmountable. But your Faith heals YOU! BELIEVING in your Self, knowing the Power that lies within You to part the seas is everything. Digging deep. Feeling powerless, you come to discover the truest Power as Amazing Grace is no longer just a concept or a song. It is a Force Field dancing YOU. Animating You. Freeing You from the Cage. Waking YOU! As you sit here in this moment experiencing your own Ruby Slippers like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz...BELIEVING! With all of You. Understanding no one could tell You that you had the Power of the Universe within You. You have had to walk and must continue to walk your own yellow brick road discovering again and again new depths of Courage, Heart and Intelligence. More of You calling You Home to Life over the Rainbow. Life beyond your imaginings. BELIEVE! BELIEVE! BELIEVE! 'Cause there's no place like Home. Living authentically. Expressing your truest Self. Knowing the Beauty of Life illuminating the darkness that comes. Welcome HOME! I am so damn Stoked for YOU. Me. And All. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!

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