Thursday, October 16, 2014

Own Your Miracles and Watch them Multiply!

Own Your Miracles and Bestow them on the World! See the Best of You and Believe the Best is Yet to Come. You. Ever-growing. Ever-blossoming. Evolving your Self. Grounding more and more of You ready to Express. Dancing with Infinity. Living this Life You came here to Live. Letting Go of beliefs that there is a right way and wrong way to live. Letting your inner compass guide You and your choices. Discovering what's Best for YOU. Seeing the Miracle of YOU. Claiming the unique treasures You possess and sharing your Self generously for the Joy of it. Creating Your life from Joy that flows abundantly without ceasing from the well of Love within You. Letting Go of snags and energy drains that come from outdated beliefs that you are here to Sacrifice and give from obligation. All those beliefs riddled in guilt and shame that leave you feeling you aren't worthy and aren't good if you don't live by the rules and expectations of others. Place your energy into creating a Life where you Feel the Miracle of You and your Life. Eternity flashing through space and time. Here and Now. As You. This Journey is Brief. Focus on the Best of You and Life and watch the Surprises spring gloriously:)). You are Sacred. You are Holy. You are Rich. Fully Human and so Divine. Appreciate Your Self. Love Your Self UP! Hold your Hurt Self dear as you stand in Present Time assuring that part of You still bleeding from wounds of the Past that fester and threaten your Joy stealing your Life Force. Give the Hurt space to Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Let it Go. Let Love do what it does bringing the Miracles. All the hopes and dreams waiting for YOU to show up and Claim them. You are the Miracle. You are the Miracle-maker. You pulling the heavens down connected to Your Brave Heart ready to Fight that part of You that doesn't Believe cut off from the Source. Your Brave Heart is fierce enough to Free You. And lead You Home to Live the Passion. All this Love you embody that will fuel your days with a sense of the Best. So Alive in this dance! BELIEVING. Standing whole. Knowing what you Know. Living from the Inside Out. Your heart echoing: WOW!!! This Life. The Best just comes and comes. The Miracles multiply nourishing Your Soul fulfilling your Destiny being You. Receiving Your Self. This Love You are. The Miracle. The Best. Hell Yeahhhhh! It is damn Good to be You even in the suckiest moments. Remember this. And shout it Out: Woo Woo Woofrickinhoo!!!

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