Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hope is The Best!

Hope is the Best of Things! Alive within You. Me. All. Can you Feel the Hope you are? Can you Feel the Hope you embody? Hope springing from the depths of You. Even when you give Up, Hope never gives Up on You. Stirring You. Reminding You: This Life ain't easy but it is an Amazing ride worth every hard knock. Hope picks You Up. Brushes You off and holds You as you walk into the Unknown. As you experience the Fear, doubt, worry and anxiety that will surely come. And just as swiftly as You fall. Hope lifts You. Beyond! Where You didn't know you could Go. Where You never imagined was possible. You the Hope. Me the Hope. Standing individually and collectively. Rising! Our shared humanity and shared divinity. Hope bringers! Shining our Light, this Fire within each of us into the World being who we are. Living. Doing what You do. Nothing ordinary about You. Pause and see the Extraordinary! You living Simply. Simply being You. The Hope. Connect to this energy. Welcome it. Feel You! All of You. Exquisitely Alive. This moment. This day. Breathe your Hope into this World. No Tryin'. Just be You. Invite the Hope You are to dance You into new depths of You, of Life for Your Joy. Celebrating You! Celebrating this Life. All of It. Let your Brave Heart Sing: woo woo woofrickinhoo! Daring to Believe: it is damn Good to Be YOU:).

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