Friday, October 17, 2014

Be Brave = Be Happy

HAPPY thoughts are balloons uplifting You. The Magic of Happy thoughts is undeniable. Smiling with All of You in Gratitude. Appreciating your Self, others, this Great adventure. The thought of YOU makes me so HAPPY! The thought of You out in the World being You, doing You creates a sense of Happiness. My heart dances with Your Heart. Happydancin'! Scanning reasons to be Happy and feeling your Self experience the Power of your Heart ever-singing the Joy of You living this life. Your Heart is Brave enough to Sing its truest song: LOVE! Let it. Let GO. And let your Brave Heart be Happy. Breathe right into it. So Lovely. So Vast. Uncontainable. Flooding You with Aliveness. The Fire within You. This Passion so pure springing from this Love You are. The essence of You. Always here. Always there. Deep inside. Yours for the Claiming. Stop to reach inside and meet Your Sacred Self. The Heart: Open. Over-flowing with Hope, Joy, Grace, Peace, Love. The Vibration of The heavens echoing Through You, animating You. Within you lies the power to Do whatever You desire. Aligning. Allowing this well of Love to Nourish You. Usher You into worlds within You for your Joy. Sip it In all day Long. Place your hand over your Heart Center as you Breathe consciously tuning In to You at Play with Infinity. You flashing through Time and Space ever-connected to the Universe. Be Happy. Be You. Think Happy Thoughts. Think of People who Make you so Happy that you cannot Not smile at the thought of them. Think of the TIME of your Life stirring Up memories that make You laugh out loud. Make a Play date with a Friend who is Not afraid to be Young and Foolish. Being Silly is truly a gift! Skip down the street arm and arm. Make Up songs as you have conversation. Play On and On and On as if Your very Life depends on It. It does! It truly does. Your Happy makes your Life Rich. And funny enough, the Happier You are with your Spirit wild and FREE, the material Riches come. Loving Big. Living Open. BRAVE Hearts = HAPPY Hearts grow and grow blossoming You and All who experience You. GO SEE! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)). I am HAPPY for You. Me. And All. Rising Together Hand in Hand. Heart to Heart. Step by Step.

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