Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ohhh...The Power of One. You. Me. All.

Ohhh...The Power of You. Me. All. One. Connected to your Self, this abiding sense of Purpose beyond the idea that what you do is who you are. You aligned with your Sacred Self pouring the Creative Force you embody into doing what you Love is living the Abundance. You at Play with Life. Vitality springing. You delighting in awe to be You alive in this dance experiencing the Joy. Within You lies the Power to face whatever challenges come Your way and they will come as this is Life. Claim this Power and use it this day and All your days to Stand present to your Fears instead of avoiding them or letting them grip you and cage your precious Life force. Tune into this limitless well of Courage and Change your Life in an instant! You grounded in a Sense of Your Self knowing whatever comes Your way you can handle it. Trusting there is Gold to be mined from the lead, all the heavy crap you do not want to deal with. Believing even in the darkest moments, YOU are the Light. You. Tapping into your Self beyond the victim that has been kicked around by life and YES!! You have. We all have. It Sucks! It is our shared story. AND You are the Hero! You are the Miracle. You opening to the possibilities springing from the challenges. You daring to DO it differently. You mustering the courage to kick ass for your Self fighting for Your Life as you would a beloved friend who was backed into a corner. Fight for YOU. Let your Brave Heart reveal YOU. Life will bring experiences around again and again until you STOP! The madness. Jump off the merry go round and see that the events cannot Kill you. Present to what comes, you take the power out of the external and see how powerful You truly are. Fear will send you running! This is a natural response. But You have a choice to Let Go and Be with what comes. This simple act will show You the Power of You. Do not wait! Life Is Now and some day may never come. Breath by breath FEEL the Universe Alive within You. Remember: You have Life to Live. Passion to Free. Joy to taste. Right here. Right now. Do not go asleep at the wheel of Your life. You Matter. You do. You being YOU and going all the Way where you didn't know was possible is badass living. Let go of limitations! Let Life surprise the hell out of You. Be excited to be You. Focus on All the good. It is damn GOOD to be You. Let the GOODness grow beyond what you ever could have imagined. You deserve a GOOD Life. And Your GOOD Is my GOOD. My GOOD is Your GOOD. Rising together. Fueled by the Brave Heart. Happydance:). Woo woo woofrickinhoo!

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