Thursday, October 9, 2014

LOVE Big. LOVE Deeper. LOVE Wider.

You are Brave! You are Brave enough to Love Big, to Love Deeper and Wider than You feel is safe. This sacred part of You that won't let you settle that won't let You stay on the surface that won't let You keep Your Self and Life at bay. So Brave! Beyond measure. Your fierce Heart holding the pain and the joy. Both! Present to All life brings. Present to You with abiding compassion and patience - LOVE! This Force that cannot be extinguished. Always there. Always here. Let your breath connect You to the Healing balm of Life flowing abundantly. Find your way to Laughter. Laughing out loud is good medicine alchemizing, opening and transforming the Heavy into Light. Tell that part of You that grips You with Judgment to F*ck OFF! The moment you say F*ck OFF! you will laugh. Your laughter Frees YOU. Living this Life is a Liberation walk freeing Your Self again and again from Worry, Doubt, Anxiety, Fear. The Perfectionist holding You hostage that will Not allow You to be Human. You cannot stop Life and others from beating You up, knocking You around but You can STOP YOU! Fighting for YOU, dropping into Your Inner Fire ever-roaring, take your Self by the Hand and Lift Your Self Up. Befriend Your Self. STOP the madness. Embrace Your Self where You are. Remember YOU have a Life to Live. YOU have dreams to step into materializing your Spirit. YOU are either creating from the Hurt Self or the Brave Self. Fight for You fueled by this Love, the essence of You, the soul force of Universe You embody. You are worthy of Love. Receive this Love. Nourish Your Self with unconditional understanding. Put the F*cking bat down! No more beating your Self Up. No more trying to Be some idea of Good, some constructed version of You that cuts out your humanness. Let Go of Criticism. Speak to your Self sweetly and gently no matter what. Let Go of the need for approval from others standing whole in the Beauty of YOU, human and divine. Just Be! Be YOU. Be so Brave. Be Alive. Be Present to your Self in awe and appreciation. Laugh. Show Up excited for this Day, anticipating All the Amazing Surprises. Play Wildly. Believe with All your Heart in the Magic of YOU. Give Thanks for EVERYTHING! Know the Best is yet to Be. Your relationship with YOU creates Your Life. LOVING You! living from your Brave Heart creates a LOVEly life tasting the Sweetness even in the Bitter. Here You GO! Go experience new depths of JOY. Being YOU. Badassssss Beautiful. Light this Day UP with Your Heart! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:).

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