Thursday, October 2, 2014

Your Heart is Where the Magic Lies

Let's Rule the World with our Hearts Ablaze! You on Fire for Life stirs me and All. Passion pouring from You into the Collective. You Feeling Your Self. Knowing anything is Possible fueled by your Brave Heart so vast it calls You again and again to new depths. You in your Heart is where the Magic happens. Unlocking You. Fierce Living. Loving Bigger and Bigger. Wanting More than You feel is Safe. Riding waves of Inspiration that Flash through. Following the Trails within You not needing to know where they will lead. Believing in Your Self as never before. Hopes, Wishes, Dreams ever-growing. Extending You beyond your comfort zones where you See your limitlessness. Where you look beyond what others have done No longer containing You and this Creative Force You embody. Hands in the air! Letting Go. Daring the Universe to Dance You in surprising ways. Grounding in the gifts, all this Amazing Grace You embody, inviting the Infinite to Play You. For your Joy. For the Joy of this World in need of You. You being You. Being the Change. This resonance of Joy echoing from You into the Heart of this World lifts the Whole. Heart-based living is No Bullshit! It is Not denying the shitty things that have broken your heart and caused You great pain. It is coming into this Moment and claiming You and Your Life. Remembering You Matter. Throwing caution to the wind because it is Time to Free You. Be You. Fly out of the Cage into the More that awaits. No longer playing small because your Bigness wants to come out and Play. Hell Yeahhh! Rule your Life standing on your own two Feet breathing into Your Heart, receiving the Power within You, smiling and delighting, giving your Self permission to Let Go! Going where you have never Gone. Ecstatically dancing. Your Heart bursting. Grateful to be You. Singing Woo woo woofrickinhoo!

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