Thursday, October 30, 2014

Abiding Love

Believe in the Miracle of YOU! Receive the abiding Love that lies within You. Pour this Energy through You: Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Breath by Breath. Feel the Power of the Universe pulsing You. Stoking your inner Fire. Remembering YOU are the Miracle. This Love You are! Aligned with your human Self and Higher Self, the seas part and all obstacles clear. The letting Go makes space for the Truth and Beauty of YOU to flow effortlessly. All that you Truly are. All the possibilities for your Life. All of your Dreams exist. You step into them. Pull them down. Materialize your spirit claiming the Miracle You are. Untangling from Victim consciousness and freeing higher consciousness that Knows the Life you came here to Live. Go ahead and Acknowledge the sucky things. All that has rocked You. Disappointed You. Kept You caged fearing to show Up trying to keep the Hurt, the Sting of Life at bay. Kick and scream. And LET GO! Step into this moment. Fully. Drop into your Brave Heart where the Truest Fight abides. Love is the weapon to slay all the dragons holding You hostage. LOVE. Beyond sentimental. The Heart is Fierce. Life will cut You open to reveal YOU. Showing You are far more than You can even imagine. And the more You let go of preconceived ideas of who You are and how life should be, the More of You will emerge roaring with the Fire. Passion fueled. Kicking the days ass come what May. Being You. You ever-growing. You ever-blossoming. You evolving. You living this Life plugged IN. No bullshit Living! Claiming who You are. Creating the Life that reflects You. Now. Beyond an idea. Stay Open. Let Life Ride You into the Amazing. Believe in Your Self. Believe You are guided by the Soul Force of the Universe every moment. Believe You are worthy of a Life You absolutely Love. Dare to BELIEVE!!! And watch the Miracle You are come Out and Play Big. Watch the Universe Show Off expressing through YOU in ways that leave You clutching your Heart saying THANK YOU for this dance. MORE Please. It is damn Good to Be YOU! Believe this. Happyass Dance FREE feeling the miracles. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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