Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Magic of YOU Coming Alive this Day!

Stand in the Magic You are Moment by moment. Consciously enter This Day, Standing on your own two feet Grounding in a deep sense of Self. Letting your Breath wash through You clearing residues of worry, anxiety, doubt, fear and opening you fully to the Power that lies within You. Connecting to this Ocean of Love. Letting Go and Letting Life dismantle all Obstacles created by the limited Mind caged by History, by what has been, attempting to keep you Safe from pain and the bite of disappointment. Caging You. Holding You back. Keeping Life at Bay. Kinking your energy that longs to flow and lead You into your greatest Joy and highest Good. Fly Free. Feeling Your Spirit soar in the possibilities, all the dormant potentials within You ready to hatch. Come Alive! Knowing You Matter and you are absolutely Significant beyond measure. Taking a Stand for Your Self, for your Life, for all your Heart desires. Here. Now. Willing to face your Self. Seeing the Magnificence You are! Receiving the Truth of You, All this Light You cannot See. So Beautiful. So Mystical. Appreciating All that makes You YOU. Delighting in the unique expression of You. Accepting what you used to judge. Loving who You are. Seeing clearly it is badasssss to be You. Truly! Be stoked that You get to be You. Focusing on All that you Enjoy. Giving thanks for this Sacred Dance. Staying in the moments unfolding perfectly understanding the point of Creation is Now. What do You want Now? Living this inquiry as You wander through this Day. Walking into more of Your Self calling. You ever-growing. You ever-blossoming. You watering your Self with the essential nourishment of Love and Appreciation. Allowing your Brave Heart to take You on a Ride into the Magic you embody. Always there. Calling You Home. Living the Life You came here to Live. This is the Dream come True! You meeting your Self in the quiet moments and in the noisy moments, smiling and nodding from the depths of You; You whispering: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For this Life. Take your Self by the hand and Live this Day like it is your last. Ain't no time like Now. Dance Wildly! Feed your Happy. FUN is always the best idea. Spontaneity is a Friend. You Uncensored. Unplanned. Wide Open. Be at Play with Infinity. Experience the Miracles! Ask for More. Dare to BELIEVE in You. Believe this Day holds EVERYTHING you have been waiting for. No more waiting on someday for it may never come. No more looking outside of You. Wave your Magic wand. Sip in the pixie dust. Believing is seeing! You create the Magic. Yes. You. Do. YOU are the Magic. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

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