Monday, October 13, 2014

Change is in the Air: Breathe it IN!

Change is in the Air! Breathe it IN. It is time. The More is here. And there is More to come. Always More. Can you feel it? The in between can be frustrating. You must dig deeper than is comfortable to find rest in the midst of Winds, in order to Ride the gusts and bursts that jolt you. The old life is done. Complete. The new life Not yet in place. Feeling out of sorts. Ungrounded. Uncertain. Chaotic. Afraid of the Unknown. Breathe into the moments. Lean into what is. Go within. Trusting life, the universe Alive within You, animating You, guiding You onto new shores awaiting. Say to yourself assuringly: I don't know what's to come this day. But I KNOW it's gonna be Great! Feel your energy shift opening you to the Possibilities. Connected to your Higher Self, this Cosmic perspective that lifts You beyond the circumstances that grip You with Fear, stealing your Joy; blocking the flow of Life, this Abundance You are, Infinity at Play. Wings of Glory that lie within your Brave Heart. And whenYou rise above the muck, you take the Collective with You. This is how much You Matter. Your challenges are uniquely yours but remember each of us is challenged. Challenges are necessary. They reveal You. The magic of You. The Force you are. The Beauty and Truth of You. This Power you wield. Heaven within walking this earth. Remembering who You are. Truly. Beyond the external identifiers that are fleeting. Fortifying the Inner foundation where You are always Home, at rest through whatever Life brings. Consciously tuned in. Making choices that come. Not avoiding. Not waiting for fated interventions to kick your ass swiftly. Meeting Your Self and the moments with abiding Love and Compassion. Evolving The Self. Freeing this Passion, your Love of Living, being You, Singing your Truest Song and Remembering Change is a constant dance. Letting Go! Finding the inner rhythm. This sense of Harmony found in the sweetness of Surrender. Doing your part. And allowing the Graces to lead You into the New. Effort and Grace. Grace and Effort. Dance your dance. Knowing this mystical human odyssey is an adventure. So sacred. Hold your own hand and Dance Wildly as only You can. As if no one is watching. As if your Life depends on it. As if the whole world needs You to show Up and Be YOU. Because it does. This is how much YOU Matter. Be Excited. This is Your Life. Play on and on and on...Happyass Dancin' singing: woo woo woofrickinhoo!

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