Saturday, October 18, 2014

This Light You Are!

Celebrate You. Light a candle and watch the Fire mirroring You. Stir your Self into the Flame Life is. You being You. The Light You are. The Light You embody. All the Light You cannot See. Always there. Always here. Your offering.This Force of Love alive within You animating all of Creation. Beyond an idea or concept. This vibration echoing from You into the world. Connect to the essence of You. Feel the Magnificence of You. One within the One dancing through Time and Space. Breath by breath experience your Self. The energy of You. A thousand stars shining through You. The Sun. The Moon. The clouds. The skies. The waters. All of Nature at Play with You as You. The significance of You is Immeasurable. You Matter. You F*cking Matter. Light this Moment with You. Light this Day UP being You. Letting Go of worries, doubts and fears that wash up blocking the Abundance of You. Let them come and let them Go. To be human is to experience insecurities. No resisting what comes up. No need to analyze. Just consciously LET GO. Breathe. Let your Breath Open You. Let life ever-flowing take You into MORE. The sweet surrender into the Beauty of You. The Joy of You. The Truth of You. Celebrating All that You are. To forget the Amazing Grace You are is Human. To remember All this Light You cannot see is divine. Remembering, You feel this Greatness, this sense of Self, this Power pouring through You and Life is a living celebration. You being You. Doing what You do. Appreciating your Self. In Awe that You get to Be You! Ripping your Brave Heart wide Open going to depths calling You into more. Delighting as You live the Passion, freeing All this Light you cannot see but FEEL. Stirring Your Self into the Collective Flame because You Must. Because it feels damn Good to Not hold back all this Aliveness, this Radiance, this Brilliance You came here to express. It is ON. Let it be ON. Be stoked. Only You. No one like You. Today is the Day. There will Never be another Day just like this One. There will never be another Human Being just like You. Go! Go! Go! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:). It is damn Good to be YOU. Yes. It. Is.

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