Monday, October 20, 2014

The Beauty of Life Grows and Grows

The Beauty of Life Grows and Grows. Life is Big moment by moment. Yes. It. Is. Letting Go. Present to what Is. Allowing the Grateful Heart to scan for All the Good. Always here. Always there. Within Us. Mirrored Out in the World. Abundance. Simple and Profound. Awe moments. Yours for the claiming. Present to Your Self. The Wonders of You. Dancing with Life. Breath by breath. Being Played by the Infinite. Ever-calling. Ever-expanding. You. Alive. Eternity flashing through Time and Space. Riding this Life. AMAZING! Yes. You are Amazing. Life is Amazing. See You. See Life. Wider and Deeper. Magnificent. You are a unique expression of the heavens blowing through this Day. Wow! Let your Brave Heart remember. Say THANK YOU! Hold your Self dear. Hold all dear. Invite The eyes of your Soul to Open windows within You. This Light You are ever-shining. Illuminating the darkest of dark. Revealing You. Life. The Beauty. "Be. You. Tiful." You being You. Doing what You do. Beautiful beyond measure. Let it be. Let the Beauty be. Be with it. You in the direct experience is tasting the sweetness Life is. No seeking. All you desire is here. No chasing. Come into this moment. Sip it In. Drink from the Ocean of Love within You. Receive the Miracle you are. Feel the significance of your Life connected to all Life. You. Me. All of Creation in Harmony. One within the One. Knowing the world needs Your Beauty. "Be. You. Tiful." The blessedness of You. You Matter. You are the Change-maker. All the Beauty you Embody echoes into the whole. You. The Vibration of You. Your truest Song, this Force of Love, lifts the Collective. The Miracle you are waiting for is YOU. All this Light You cannot see. Animating You. Me. All. Call it Up. Let it do what it does. Amazing Grace, was blind but Now, You see. The Beauty of Life. Life is BIG moment by moment. YOU ever-growing. Seeing what always Is. What always has been. Liberated from the Cage. Flying Free. Knowing the Possibilities of YOU. This Moment. This Day. This Life. So F*cking BIG. Feel it. Feel You. Live it. Love YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

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