Sunday, October 19, 2014

Celebrating Me. You. All!

Today is my Birthday! I celebrate who I am. I celebrate You. All who I have met along the way. Following my Yellow Brick Road. Here I am. Home within my Self. There's no Place like Home. It cost me everything to be this Free. And I must say: I would walk through the Fire again and again to know this Life that is mine. Mine for now. Eternity flashing though time and space as Kathy McHugh. Hand in hand. Heart to Heart. Connected to You. One Love. Dancing Together. Tasting More sweetness. Letting Go and reaching for More. Always More! The Letting Go never easy. But necessary until our last breath. Greeting our Self. Embracing our Self. New energies ready to express and play. All was stripped away as I lived through my own death 4 years ago. What was inessential the heavens pruned and clipped. My rebirth terrifying and exhilarating. Both. Holding the paradox. Trusting. Walking by Faith. Illuminating the darkest moments with my Brave Heart fierce enough to stay the course. Finding my way included getting Lost. Claiming pieces of my Self. Standing whole. "So Nice to meet You!" As I delighted in discovering me. More of me. No one could have told me? And yet my soul containing this sacred blueprint has carried me into this new Life. Kicking and screaming AND letting Go. Letting Life ever-flowing and guiding do what I alone could Not and would Not have allowed. The ego locked in fear always Trying to Control would have kept all this Beauty, Truth, Love at bay. How could I have ever have known? The soul knows and the Heart remembers. I enter this Day not knowing exactly what it will bring, Knowing it is gonna be F*cking AWEsome. Some Amazing Life I am riding being me. Dancing Free. I make a wish to Use all this grace bestowed upon me. I ASK! For all my heart desires. No longer afraid of YES! Or NO! Trusting My Self. Trusting Life. Guiding me Home to More. My heart is Brave enough to Sing my Truest song: LOVE. Peace. Joy. I stand here with my arms stretched to this Day breaking and say: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! More Surprises. Please! Please! Please. Ohhh...Wondrous Life, this Sacred Journey leaves me clutching my heart spilling over. No way to contain my Self. This Life Force I embody springing from me into You. Take my hand. Jump! Let Go! Let this New life ever-cycling, calling you home, shock the hell outa YOU. Let faith in Your Self touching the Universe within You launch You into This Dream Life is wide Awake. Wide OPEN. Ask! Believe! Receive! And surrender It. Let All the Light within YOU guide you. Choice by choice. Moment by moment. Day by day. Come what May! Happyass dance:) Woo woo woofrickinhoo! It is DAMN GOOD to be You. Yes. It. Is!!!

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