Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Awaken to the Beauty Washing Through

Awakened by Life. The moments come and go never to come again. Right here. Right now. Letting the Beauty wash through You. Take you on a Ride within Your Self, within this world. Welcome The surprise. LIFE!! Ever-flowing, opening You. Me. All. Revelations swoop in revealing Truth. Amazing Grace was blind but Now You see what you didn't know was always there. What an adventure Life Is! Knowing what you know and knowing there's more. Always More! Being excited by the awakenings. Who you are in this moment Not who you will be. Letting Go. Going where you didn't know you could go, feeling as if you were always meant to Go here. Go there. Go everywhere. The human journey aligning with the Soul riding into the Amazing. Limitless tasted. You Rising with Life. So sweet. Holding your own Hand as You navigate new terrain. A solo journey feeling supported by the Universe within. Daring to Trust your Self living from your Center. Authentically expressing. YOU. Feeling ALIVE! Delighting in all the Light you could not see. Seeing It. Sipping IT in. Using It. Knowing how to Live. Doing You. Simply being You. Choosing from a Sense of Self. Remembering. The veils lifted. What was concealed has come out to Play. Ohhh...Play Wildly! Dance with Infinity. Believing what you cannot see. Knowing what You know but cannot explain. Consciously participating. This is Your Life. Smile with All of You anticipating the Good. living the "We'll See" allowing Life to Unfold. The events and the experiences are All Sacred. Be present to your Self. Enlightenment comes in the moments of Living. Shining the Light on what Is, inviting higher consciousness, your Soul to stir You from the slumber again and again. New depths of Beauty and Truth echoing in the Not so pretty. The shattering moments that break your Heart gift You. Touching your truest Power. This Love. A force beyond measure. Your Brave Heart won't let you do or say or think what no longer serves. You roaring. So fierce. Stirring. The Eternal Fire You carry engaged. Passion pouring. Loving You. Loving All. Loving Life. Knowing this Love is the Miracle and makes You Rich in every way, materializing your Spirit. Receiving the Abundance Life Is. You are. Live the Life you came here to Live and You are Free even in the shit storms that come. You stand whole. The perfection life Is beautifying You breath by breath. Stripping what is inessential. Revealing YOU. So wondrous. Be Happy. Be Wise. Be Healthy. Be You. Be where You are with sheer Joy. Let your Playful Soul Happyass Dance All Day. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!

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