Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Let Life Be and Dance Free.

Let it Be. Let it Be. Let it Be. Whatever You can't Be with won't let You Be. Whatever you can't be Present to won't let You rest. Your Presence to what comes your way parts the seas and moves the mountains. Standing with a Sense of Your Self in the Direct Experience of This sacred dance is You living your LIFE. You ALIVE! Consciously Moving from your Center aligned with your Higher Self, your Soul, the Universe within You always ushering You into Your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Always! Trust this. Trust Life = Trust Your Self. You are One with the One embodying the Power that whispers: Let it Be. Let Life take You into this Adventure You came here to Live being You. Freeing You. When Life experiences knock You around, you can't just stay on the surface or you will just get knocked around more and more believing Falsely that Life is against You as if You are being punished or doing something wrong. When Life stings Say OUCH! Acknowledge the feelings. And plunge deeper to discover the Wisdom of the Experience mining for the silver lining, spinning the Lead into Gold, being the alchemist. Let the amazing grace ever-flowing open You navigating this Day allowing the Magic to Spring through. Let your Brave Heart shine through the dark moments illuminating You and Life with a knowing that YOU Matter. Each of Us a piece of the Whole. The Collective dancing as individuals. Unique expressions so Divine and fully human. No way to bypass the crappy stuff. Avoiding will keep bringing the crapola around and around. Jump Off the merry-go-round spinning You in circles. Ground your Self. Receive this Love You are. Say over and over to Your Self: This LOVE I am is the Miracle. This LOVE I am Frees me. This LOVE I am is the Soul Force of the Universe fueling me, allowing me to be Present to what I must. Letting Life Be. Witnessing it as it is. No longer fighting against Life, against our Self. Cursing what breaks our Heart AND Asking: How will I USE this Grace? Believing the GOOD rises from what feels Not so Good. Believing you are assisted by the heavens blowing through your every Breath. Believing within You lies the Power to Let Go. Let it Be. And take the Next Step moving with Life not Knowing for sure what it will bring but KNOWING with All of You: It is gonna Be F*cking AWEsome. Yes. It. Is. You Know this. You FEEL this. Yes. You. Do. Go on with Your Bad Self and KICK this Days ass with your Brave Heart that ain't afraid of disappointment, hurt, pain. Your Brave Heart will take you to depths of Courage where You SEE the Force You are; where you taste your Limitlessness; where you weep in AWE over the Miracle You are. No longer swallowed by the storms. You simply LET GO! Let it Be. Remembering the Truth of You and sipping from this infinite well all damn Day. Soul fueled. Hell Yeahhh! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:).

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