Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Winds of Change Dancing YOU!

The Winds of Change ever-blowing are the amazing grace of the Universe at Play through You. Your Life is a Sacred Dance. MAGIC. An invisible rhythm echoes through You. You in Harmony with Infinity expressing individually and collectively. One within the Great Creator. You the Dream and You the Dreamer. You plan and life happens. Letting go and allowing is essential bringing an ease in the most turbulent times. But most certainly is not easy! We all want what we want when we want it. This is absolutely human. But finding Your Way,Trusting your Self in the midst of the unknown grounding and connecting with your Higher Self is So DIVINE. Feeling completely supported by the Flow of Life as you walk through your days. Consciously tuning into your breath experiencing a sense of Peace no matter how chaotic the outside world is; sipping from the Ocean of Love within You receiving the Truest Power, your Life Force that moves the mountains as you are aligned. Believing everything is okay even when nothing feels okay, even when nothing appears okay. Meeting Life in the moments with your Fierce Heart bringing the Light. One step at a time. You make your way! Choice by choice. Day by day. Living Open. Bringing the Change because you are Brave enough to Let Go and Go into the depths of You ever-calling you into your greatest good and highest Joy. Spread your wings Welcoming the more awaiting, inviting opportunities, expecting Great Surprises, Being excited to be You and be Alive, loving your Self as You are and loving Life as it is. Here. Now. Standing whole. Giving thanks for Your Life. Letting go of how you thought things would be at this point in your life. Letting the hurt of disappointment wash through. Dropping into Your Heart over-flowing with Passion ready to pour through You into this World. The point of Creation is Now. Letting Go! Letting the winds of Change, the winds of destiny blow you Home to your truest Self and truest Life. You don't have to Know exactly how this is gonna happen. Just KNOW with all your Heart it is gonna be F*cking AWEsome! Yes. It. Is. Bring on the FUN! Fun is Always a good idea. Follow your sense of FUN. If it ain't FUN, do what ya gotta do to make it FUN. Happyass Dancin to the Song in your Heart singing You. Expressing You. Perfectly. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

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