Monday, October 27, 2014

Unlock this Day with LOVE!

Unlock this Day with Your Love of Living. LOVE BIG! Love Opens. Living Open is essential to Freeing more of You, more of Life beyond what You know is possible. Open to All that Is Opens All that will Be. Wherever you are this day, Be there. Meet the moments with great expectation. Excited to be You. Feel the Aliveness, your Vitality springing through each breath. Breath is Life. Use it to Connect to Your Self so you can engage fully in this dance. In Harmony with Your Self experiencing the rhythm of the Universe stirring You. Letting go of yesterdays. All that was. All that has been. Inviting the Now. Infinity playing You. Liberating You. Dropping into Your Brave Heart ever-calling. Daring You to Roar. Being You. Igniting the Fire within. Always there. Always here. Holy moments dancing You. Leading You Home. You living this Life you came to Experience. Believing You Matter. Expressing who You are for the Joy. Loving your Self, loving Life for a million reasons and no reason at all. The Power of LOVE is absolutely Miraculous! Love. Love. Love creates more to Love. You riding this Amazing Life wide Open aligned with the Soul Force of the Universe. Not knowing exactly what will be but knowing with all of You: it's gonna be F*cking Awesome! Embodying the Passion. Feeling the Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)! Celebrating this Life all damn day. Happyass Dancin. Ohhh Life. Declaring your Self the Luckiest person Alive because You know this Love You are. Your very existence Lights this world Up. And you Loving the Life You Live is your greatest gift to the humanity. Open Wide. Free your Heart. Feel the Love.

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