Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Go within. Faith. Trust. Certainty.

Breath by Breath. Heart Open to the heavens. Connected to Life. You. Me. All of Creation. Walk into this Day inviting Faith. Trust. Certainty in the midst of uncertainty. Go within. Ground in a sense of your Spirit knowing everything is perfect as it is. Moment by moment, be present to your Self, to Life ever-flowing, ever-guiding You home. You on this Adventure exploring new depths ever-calling, leading You into your highest Good and Greatest Joy. Always! The Paradox: Everything is Okay even when Nothing feels Okay or appears Okay on the Surface. Transitioning into a new Life cycle is not easy but it is necessary as Life truly is a living exploration. The More awaits! The pull undeniable yet rarely convenient. We wanna hang on to the familiar. To the Known. Coming into the moment, Letting go! You choosing consciously to participate in the Dance welcoming the changes, embracing this sense Wonder as you show up for Life wide Open. Letting Go! Letting Go! Letting Go! Again and again. Trying to control the uncontrollable is exhausting. It drains our precious life force. Yet it is part of our human journey to come to See what we have power over and what we do Not. There is an Ease to Life even as you experience storms and turbulence when You understand fully the Power that lies within You. You engage this energy to create a Life that reflects You in the truest sense flying out of the cage door always open remembering: YOU are Free! Declaring: This is the Life I came here to Live!!! I am Not living someone else's life or someone else's version of my Life. Knowing Your Self! You, fiercely intimate and protective of this Sacred Life that is Yours. Holding your Own hand. Daring to Love You. Letting go of what your used to judge and accepting your Self. Receiving your Self. This force of Love You are. The Beauty of You. This divine expression so Magnificent it makes me weep. In AWE of You. Me. All. You F*cking Matter. I F*cking Matter. We All F*cking Matter. Remembering this. Standing in this Power. The Mountains move and seas part. The grips of the mind going going GONE. Sweet surrender. All obstacles clear. The Path. Your Life right here. Right Now. The Possibilities springing through You. You so holy. You the Miracle. Nothing ordinary about You! You are extraordinary. You being You. Allowing More of You to come out and Play for your Joy in living in being YOU. Never settle for anything less than AWEsome! See you and your Life through the eyes of Awe. Appreciate who You are and this life you were born to Live. Go! Kick this days ass with your Brave Heart that came here to Play BIG! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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