Tuesday, September 30, 2014

PLEASE...Can We Dance?

Please! Please! Please! Can we Dance as never before. Open your Self here and now. Breath by breath. Consciously connect to the rhythm of Life ever-flowing. Feel the Harmony. You dancing with the Universe within You animating All Creation. Taste the sweetness of life. It is You. Me. All. Yes! Even your harsh judgments beating your Self Up cannot keep the Beauty you are and Life is at bay. It is always calling You home. The Truth longing to set You Free. To lift You beyond old beliefs that make you feel cursed as if you F*cked this Life Up and are paying for mistakes from the past. Stand in this moment. Be in present time. And Let Go! Untangle your Self from shoulda, coulda, woulda. Acknowledge regrets. Give them space to breathe. And Let Go! Fly free. The Cage door is always Open. Do what ya gotta do to Go into this Day with a sense of Your Self. The Magic You are. The Significance of You. And your Life. Use your breath to bring you back into the moment again and again all day. This moment is the point of Creation. You creating from your Heart's desires! Daring to want what You want Now! Not letting the Fear and disappointments create More of the same. No more settling. No more surviving the day. Be Here. Command your energy. Take charge of your Life ruling it from your Brave Heart that is Fierce and will Kick Ass for YOU. When you feel powerless, you are given the opportunity to claim the truest power discovered right here within You. This moment. Aligning with your Higher Self that knows You came here to Live the Passion. To Free the Joy. To pour your Love of living into this world. To breathe your Fresh Air, the essence of You into this stale world. Go ahead!!! Feel the hurt. Feel sorry for Your Self. Allow the pain to come Up and Out. Make it safe to Feel. To Cry for You. This is You being Brave. Experiencing the amazing grace of the Universe holding You as You stop trying to Control and Let Go! Allowing honest moments without judgment. Showering your Self with Compassion and Love. This is Badass Living. Feeling the Hurt, You FEEL a depth of Joy unparalleled. You see. All moments are Alive. Meet them. Meet Your Self. Dance Free in the Beauty ever-springing from within You. Open your Heart to You. Open your Heart to the World. BELIEVE with All your Heart: YOU Matter. Your Pain is my Pain. Your Joy is my Joy. We are One. Take my hand. Let's PLAY this Day. Wildly! Singing our Self Home. Again and again. Being the Change. Living from Inside OUT. Happyass Dancin with each other Feeling Alive. Ohhh Life! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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