Friday, October 10, 2014

All I SEE is the Possibilities

All I see is the POSSIBILITIES! I see the Possibilities bursting through You. Me. All. This Day. Every Day. This moment. All moments. Life! Magnificent. Amazing. Wondrous. You. Me. All. The Miracle. Each expressions of the Whole. We forget. We remember. This is our human dance. We hold the new baby so Fresh from the heavens and say: what a MIRACLE. And each is! But that baby will grow into adulthood like Us. If we want the Baby to remember the MIRACLE he/she is, we Must remember we are Miracles. Not just say this. But LIVE IT! Showing up for your Life. Here. Now. Claim the Miracle You are. Act from this sense of limitlessness. Move through this day moment by moment, choice by choice fueled by Faith, knowing YOU are the Amazing grace of the Universe embodied. You are a Creator in the Flesh. You house the wisdom of the Universe. Receive this Love, this Force You are breath by breath. Open your Heart so damn Brave and Fierce to You, knowing this is how you bring the Change to the World. You Loving YOU. You believing in the Beauty of YOU. You seeing clearly: YOU Matter! You are the Miracle. You being YOU, wielding this Power within You, Possibilities pouring from You into the Collective. Let GO! Let GO! Again and again of bullshit beliefs that leave You feeling small, unworthy, undeserving, not enough. Take a Stand. Be Alive! Let your Passion, this Love of Living Open You to the Possibilities for You. Faith in YOU=Faith in Humanity. Knowing the Miracle You are, You help others remember they too are Miracles. No matter how messy or F*cked Up! It may seem. In the Not so pretty of Life, in those Ugly moments, BEAUTY and TRUTH spring eternal. Infinity at Play as YOU. Me. All. Dance my friend. Dance WILDLY! Dance Joyfully! Dance as if it is the Last Dance. Be Present. Feel the Abundance You are. Feel the Blessedness of You. Feel your Sacredness. Feel HAPPY:)! It is Wonderful to Ride this Life being YOU. All ya gotta do is Be You. Free You. Take my hand. We are in this together. Let's Fly out of the Cage. Let's Fly higher than we feel is safe. Let's DO this like we Mean IT! Woo woo woofrickinhoo!

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