Saturday, October 4, 2014

Living is The Buzzzzz!

Living is THE Buzzzz! Experiencing this Adventure that is Your Life. You being Touched by Life. And You touching Life is LIVIN'. Letting Go! Reaching for More. Your willingness to do One thing different Opens You. And Opens Life. Stepping into this Day inviting your Self to shake things Up. Breaking free from the same old, same old. Let your heart whisper its secret desires. Let it lead You into the Joy in living. In being You. Don't wait! This Day is calling You into More of You ready to Sing and Dance and Play. Spontaneity is a Friend! Right here. In this moment. The next Now springing. JUMP! Into the Surprises awaiting You. Shock Your Self. Go! Get your boots Dirty. Head out on an Open Road and see where it leads You. Explore. Get Lost in the moments. Finding Your way into more of You. Head outside! Look to the Skies full of Magic and Wonder mirroring You. Feel the Sun on your face and the Fall air on your skin. Connect to Your Self through connecting with Nature. Live your way into what Now? What's next? This inquiry essential as we are here ever-blossoming and there is a deadening of our Spirit when we attempt to stay the same, to keep plugging our Self, our Creative force into what we have outgrown. What seems small is Big! Small steps will lead You into Big living. Your Brave Heart ever-roaring must be fed, calling You into new depths. It is Time. This is Your Life. And LIVING is The Buzzzzz. The ultimate! Making You Rich. Tasting the Abundance. Materializing your Spirit. Extending You beyond your comfort zones. Ain't no time for dwelling on Regrets spinning shoulda', coulda', woulda' in your mind when You are dwelling in the Possibilities! Here. Now. Let Your fierce Heart jerk a knot in your Tail and awaken You to More. Now GO kick some ass being YOU. May the Force of FUN be with YOU. May you Happyass Dance All damn day. Saying THANK YOU More Fun Please. Experiencing HAPPYgasms where You know the Joy of being YOU Alive in this Dance. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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