Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Please. Please. Please. BELIEVE in You!

Believe in Your Self. BE YOU. Believe You are enough. Believe that You being You fuels a life of Passion. And the greatest act of service to All is You creating a Life You Love. A life that mirrors You. Your Beauty. Your unique expression. You at Play with Infinity letting go and reaching for more living Open. You experiencing Fun in living simply. Simply being You. The ordinary made extraordinary by your Heart dancing Free. Your Spirit Alive! Befriending spontaneity. Making space for the Surprises. Riding the waves of amazing grace breath by breath, moment by moment, day by day, Come what may. No bullshit Living. Moving from your Center. Your authentic Self smiling and nodding bringing the Joy. Being You. Believing In YOU. Feeling it All: the F*ck It moments where you pull the curtains and call it a day. The BLESS IT moments that have you clutching your Heart in awe of Who you are and This Life You are here to Live. Finding your Way to THANK YOU! Gratitude is Powerful lifting You Up. Always count Blessings and Start with YOU. Knowing your Self! Welcoming more of your Self as you are ever-evolving and blossoming. Believing ANYTHING is Possible! Believing You have EVERYTHING to give and absolutely nothing to lose. Shifting your perspectives. Spinning the lead into Gold. Shining the light from within You on the darkest moments. Taking your Self by the hand. Assuring your Self: We got this! Reminding your Self: ain't no way to f*ck this Life Up! Living is an adventure. All moments are perfect. Everything is information. Fly Free from the Cage. Do it! Again and again. Ain't no time for limitations and confining beliefs: YOU have a Life to LIVE! YOU have Hope to pass on! YOU have JOY to pour into the World! Tell those shitty days, shitty moments to F*ck OFF! Dig deep. Rip your Heart wide Open and Dare to LOVE the days, LOVE the moments, LOVE your Self. Your LOVE is the Miracle! This Force of Love is You aligned with the Universe within. In this Energy, You live from your Brave Heart that came here to Kickass being YOU. Your Brave Heart will walk right through the worry, doubt, fear kicking Ass for YOU. fighting for YOU. Believing in YOU. You are so Brave. You are. Please Believe!!! And watch this Day come Alive. Your inner Fire roaring: woo woo woofrickinhoo!! C'mon. C'mon. C'mon. I got shit to do!

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