Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Live Free in the THANK YOU!

In the THANK YOU! you Live Free. You Live Open-Hearted connected to the Flow of Creation. Courage lighting the darkest of the dark meeting what IS. Life. Your Self without conditions. You Dancin' in the rain. You Dancin' in the Sunshine. Experiencing the moments fully. Welcoming Life. Loving what Is. Living it All. Saying THANK YOU feeling grateful for each breath even when events steal our breath. THANK YOU! So powerful is the song of the Soul that Loves beyond human capacity. The soul houses the wisdom of the Universe, this higher perspective that lifts the veils and contains it All. Allowing Life. Revealing the Beauty that abides. Always here. Always there. Just do it! Say THANK YOU over and over. Let the Magic blow through the shit storms AND the peaceful waters. Sip THANK YOU into your bones. The good medicine of Gratitude lights the way Home into the well within You. This Ocean of Love. The truest power that pulls You through the crap you would never wish for and shows You that You are far more than You ever imagined. You embody the soul Force of the Universe. You are infinity at Play. You are no match for the shit storms. You are the Miracle. You are. Choose to say THANK YOU for the things you want to wish away and the things that excite the hell outa you. In the THANK YOU possibilities exist. You ALIVE! Engaged. Living from your badassss Brave Heart that will NOT quit on YOU. The truest Fight. Unstoppable. Strength of the heavens blowing You into More Life, more of You ready to Express. Trust Life. See the Perfection. Say THANK YOU! All day. Blessing your Self. Blessing this day. Holding it All Sacred. Remembering there will never be another day just like this One. And there will never be another human being just like YOU. BELIEVE in what You cannot See. FEEL your way Free. You have EVERYTHING right here within You. Now Go kick this days ass being You. Fierce. Brave. The Miracle-maker. The Dream weaver. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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