Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Somethin' to Believe In: YOU!

YOU are somethin' to Believe IN. BELIEVE! Feel the Magic of Believing. Let this mystical energy of Believing open you wider to the Possibilities within You. Invite this Force of Faith, the essence of You to Free more of You, more of Life. Here. Now. Believe in your Self. Believe in this Life. Believe You Matter. Believe that you are worthy of all the Good, all the Beauty, all the Grace life is. Ever-flowing through You. Me. All. Let the wings of your soul lift You Up. Knowing. Trusting. Remembering. Believing. Showing UP for this Sacred dance moment by moment. Daring to feel the fear and the pain. And dropping into your Brave Heart ever-revealing the Power that lies within You. Touching your fierceness, your fire, your FIGHT. No way to stop You. No mountain is unsurmountable! You are a Miracle embodying the Universe. Limitless. No way to contain You. This Creative force field pulsing through You. Always here. Always there. Ready to take You on a Surprise Ride. You rising! You Believing. You Seeing YOU. All that You are. So Magnificent! Amazing Grace in the flesh. This life is your Poem. You are a Prayer. Perfect as you are. Wherever you are. In the darkest moments, YOU are the Light. BELIEVE! Light this Day with YOU. All the Light You cannot See. Receive it. Receive You. Honor it. Honor You. Fuel this Day breath by breath BELIEVING!!! Watch the Magic spring in unexpected ways connecting You to the abiding JOY. Your Joy is my Joy. My Joy is your Joy. Free it. Live it. Love it. Be it. BELIEVE. I believe in YOU. I see YOU. I love YOU. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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