Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ohhh Life! Meet it All. Greet it All.

Amazing! This Grace swirling through You. Me. All. The Grace Rises from all Life experiences. The storms come and your ability to ride out the seas allowing what is to be, trusting Grace is at work, believing More of who you truly are will be revealed is Everything. You rising with a sense of the Sacredness you embody Alive in every moment, echoing from the depths of You, animating You and all of Creation. Letting the experiences of Life be what they are, you dance Free opening. Illuminating the darkest of the dark. Acknowledging what is and all you are feeling brings the Light. Truth is Beauty. Bullshit chokes you cutting off the flow of Life. You become Deadened by the Pretending. Repression steals your breath. Let go! Come Alive in the honesty. Dancing in the moments. Letting them be. Being Present to all that comes. Life humming. Live Spirited. Free. At play In the direct experience. Dare to Let life Touch You. Piercing your Brave Heart that holds the Truest Fight. You so Fierce. The limitless Force you embody Ready to take you on a Ride. Here. Now. Into You. Exploring the untapped potential. Raw. Wondrous. The Possibilities rising. Knowing the Passion. This Abiding Love pouring from your Breath into the whole. This moment. All moments. The point of Creation. Come into your Self fully. Step into this life wide open. Stretch your arms out inviting the Amazing Grace to do what it does. You rising! You the Hope. You the sacred vessel containing All the Light You cannot see. You riding this Life moment by moment fueled by your Gratitude. Smiling and nodding at everything, every experience absolutely Perfect ever-guiding You Home into More of You for your Joy. You knowing the Goodness of You. Knowing wherever you are in the midst of the storm or on the other side GOOD will surely come. Again and again and again. Ohhh Life! Meet it All. Greet it All. If you want to LIVE, let go! If you want to die, let go! Come into the Now. This is YOUR Life. Live it! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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