Monday, October 6, 2014

Make a Wish!

Make a Wish! Go ahead. Even if you think wishes are silly or airy fairy or stupid and Foolish, just DO IT! C'mon! Right here. Right now. Stop. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And from the depths of You, Make a Wish! Claim what you truly want for your Life believing you deserve it and believing your Joy elevates the whole world. Dare to believe in the amazing grace of the universe swirling through You and all of Creation. Imagine pixie dust spiraling through your breath. Feel it pulsing through your body, opening you, freeing you, letting go of resistance and making space for more. Come to the place within you where you know anything is possible, where hope, love and joy springs eternal. Wish from your Center, your sense of Self, your soul that knows and your heart that remembers. Now, your wish is OUT there sweetly surrendered, letting it go and letting your inner compass guide you into The Joy of the journey materializing your Spirit. The adventure of putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Follow the signs. They are Always there in whispers and leaves stirring in the winds and Images flashing Through you. Believe what others don't. Believe what others cannot see. Believe in YOU! And in moments when that Faith in your Self seems to fade away with waves of Fear, worry, doubt and anxiety. Be Brave! Acknowledge what you are feeling. Allow the overwhelm. Breathe. Say to your Self: I am so Brave! over and over as these affirming words will stoke your Inner Fire. Hold your on hand. Love your Self Up. And do what ya gotta to realign with the Power within You. Reconnect with a deep sense of Self. Deliberately living your Life knowing YOU Matter! Knowing your Passion for Life is Magic. Wave that wand all day long. Excited by your Life, you will discover More to be excited about. Even when shitty things happen that knock the wind out of your sails, Go straight into your Heart with gratitude, counting blessings, remembering the Good as you feel bad. The attitude of gratitude illuminates the dark that is an unavoidable part of Life. Your Heart can Hold it All. This fierce energy is electric and inspires you to Go Boldly into the moments come what may playing with the universe calling you Home to live this Dream life is wide awake. Let all the Stars you have wished Upon, ALIVE within You, launch you into a Life that is YOU; where you feel at Rest no matter what comes your way. The world needs your Wishes! Don't hold back. The Best is yet to come. Yes. It. Is. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:).

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