Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome September!

Welcome September. A New Month. A New Day. A New Time. Here. Now. Awakening You. Stirring You. Calling You into New Life. Within You. Within the world. Opportunities knocking. Inviting More of You to Play. Opening Your Wings wider and wider. Riding the Winds of Life. Trusting. Believing. Knowing. You are ever-growing. Ever-blossoming. And challenges are a part of the Unfolding of You. Life. No one gets a pass from the events that cause us pain. You. Me. All. We are in this Together. Each of our stories playing Out. These human experiences that make You want to run the other way. Keep your head buried in the sand attempting to avoid what it is Now time to face. Not to punish You but to reveal You. Show You what you are made of. All that lies within You. So divine. Even in the midst of shit storms that engulf You. Swallow You. Threatening to take You Out. But you Rise. Again and again. Taller. Stronger. Braver. More Alive than you knew was possible. Shouting BRING IT ON! Remembering all You are. Remembering Life is Fun. Feeling the Abundance of You dancing with infinity. This makes You Rich. Grateful to be You. Do You. Living Your Life. Loving it All. Even what you curse. Extracting the Blessings. Always there. Always Here. Wisdom pouring through the most shattering events. Making You Whole. Feeling a Sense of Abiding Purpose. Acknowledging this Love You are. And giving Your Self freely and generously for the Joy of It. Singing the song in Your Heart. Love. Peace. Joy. Hope. Echoing All of You. More of You into the Heart of the world! Because you must. Because it feels damn good. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

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