Sunday, August 31, 2014

Today: New Day. New Choices. New You.

Remember who You are. Stand in this Day. Moment by moment grounded in a sense of wholeness. Use your breath to connect Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Feeling Plugged in to Your Self and to Life. Flowing. Opening. Giving. Receiving. Welcoming the possibilities. Creating this day Not from what happened yesterday. Let go! Enter this day with fresh eyes. New perspective. Visualizing what you want to unfold. Experiencing the Goodness. Knowing Anything is Possible. Let go! Do not carry what is dead, what has played out, what has happened before this moment into this Day. Choose to live Free. Untangling your precious life force from dramas and chaos. Choose to be Happy:). Smiling into Your Heart. Feeling the Light of the heavens ignite within You echoing into the Heart of the World. Fishing from the Ocean of Love within You. This Divine force. Always there. Always here. Ready to usher You home. Out of the Cage created by BS beliefs, from old patterns that grip You and strip your Joy. Receive this Love You are. The essence of All Creation. Let the seas part. Let the mountains move. You are worth the effort! You deserve to dance Free in the Beauty of this Life. This Day. And Your attitude instantly brings the shift. Elevates You beyond the circumstances. Pulls You out of the Muck. Remember: YOU have Wings! Use them. Choose liberation. Kick ass for Your Self. Fight those urges to wallow in victim consciousness that is so pervasive in us all. Just say: Hell No! Grab your Self by the hand. And Love your Self Up. Remember the Song in your Heart. Let it sing You Home. To this Love You Are. The Beauty of You. The Truth of You. You are Courage in motion moving through this Day, discovering New gears, New depths. Be Excited! Today is a New Day. Make it freakin AWEsome! I am FEELin You. Me. All. At Play. Living this Dream Awake. Open. Allowing. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))

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