Saturday, September 27, 2014

Go Ahead! Get Your Hopes UP. Please!

Go ahead! Get your Hopes UP. Please. Please. Please. Don't hold back your sense of excitement. Be Stoked! Be Pumped! Feel as if You might Burst from All the JOY and anticipation for Your Life. For All that is and All that is to come. Dare to Believe with your Brave Heart that Your Dreams are unfolding. Here. Now. Be Fierce knowing what only You KNOW. Expect Miracles this day. LOOK for the Good. OPEN to the Wonders ever-flowing. Happydance with Infinity at Play in the moments allowing Life to Surprise You. Receiving the graces within You, within the moments of this day. This Force of LOVE. Always here. Breath by breath. Awakening You. Churning Up the possibilities. Graciously stripping all the Fear that cages You. That residue of disappointment from stops along the way, from delays that broke your heart, from the pain that keeps you from throwing caution to the Wind and GOING for IT. Let Go! Let Go! Let GO! Make space for the Joy of wanting what you want; creating a Life you absolutely Love that You wouldn't trade even on those shitty days that come. Yes! Life can absolutely Suck. This is Life. And it can leave You clutching your Heart in AWE Saying THANK YOU! Wow. Wow. Wow. What a Magic Life! What a Wonderful Adventure I get to experience. With Pom poms in hand, I am cheering for YOU. I am so excited! For You. For Me. For All. Open Your Self to the excitement. Let Go of beliefs that keep all this Amazingly delicious excitement at bay. Receive this vitality springing from the depths of You. Here we Go into this Day. How exciting. So exciting. To see what amazing surprises come your way. And in being so excited for your Life, you cannot help but share this excitement for All. Be sure to let friends know how excited you are for all the GREAT things life is bringing your way. And let them know how excited you are for them. The energy of excitement pouring from your Spirit lifts all around You. Invites the excitement within them to awaken. You are a living prayer at Play in the world. The vibration of You affects all. Excitement breeds more to be Excited about. Say all day long: I am so excited! You have so much to be excited about. You Do! Start with this New Day dawning. All the wonderful things to come. Anticipating all the good. Excited! Knowing this is your Life and you get to have Fun being You. Excited! By those you share this life with who inspire You and make your heart Happy. Excited! By the possibilities. Excited! You are here living this Dream wide awake. This moment. This Day is Your Life. Create a sense of excitement within and watch a life that excites the hell outa you materialize. Yes... Be excited! Jump around. Sing. Dance with the Universe for the sheer Joy. It Feels Good to Feel Good. Yes. It. Does. Shout: woo woo woofrickinhoo!! Because just saying woo woo woofrickinhoo!! Will make you Laugh. And Laughter is powerful medicine freeing this Joy, the heavens bursting through You here. Now. Open wider and wider and wider feeling the Magic within You. Me. All. This Day. Ohhh...wondrous Life.

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