Wednesday, September 24, 2014

C'mon Be Grateful. Be Brave. Be YOU!

Be Brave. Be Grateful. Let Your Heart dance Free in the Beauty of this Day, this Life. Gratitude is the act of Receiving this Force of Love ever-flowing. Here. Now. Always there within You inviting You to welcome the graces of the Universe to do what the mind stuck in worry, doubt, fear, anxiety cannot do. Use your breath to drop You into your fierce Heart and experience this Powerful energy lighting you Up, filling You with sheer Joy and excitement for all that Is and all that is to Be. Knowing the abundance of Life alive within You. Believing in the Goodness within You knowing the Best is yet to come. Sip in this moment. Fully. Breathe. Feel THANK YOU echoing through You. Expanding You. Freeing you. Enlivening You. Awakening You. Letting Go! Letting Gratitude carry the Light of the heavens into the moment so You can see and feel the Possibilities. Visualizing your sacred desires and knowing you are assisted, supported by the Creative forces of the Universe within You. Step into this day. Wholly. Ground in a sense of Your Self. Limitless. Unstoppable. Infinite potential expressing for your Joy. You the Offering. The Sacred Vessel journeying on Earth. Pulling down the heavens living this Dream. YOU! So Big. So Brave. Stop identifying with experiences of the past that Leave you fractured living in fear trying to protect your Self from Life. It is Time for You to Live beyond the hurts, the disappointments, the heartbreak that keep you from showing UP. Acknowledge the Hurt Self. LOVE it Up! Be Compassionate assuring Your Self, Trusting Your Self and These new wings stretching from your Brave Heart. So Badass. Take Your Self by the Hand and Jump! Free fall. Let Go. Remember: the Passion You came here to Free that makes you come Alive as nothing else can. Remember: playing it safe will kill your Spirit caging You and causing pain far greater than disappointment. Cutting your Self Off, disconnecting from Your Self causes a slow bleed. Dare to reconnect. Plug into Your Life. Let your Heart lead the way. Feeling the Joy in wanting what you want. Feeling the Gratitude pour through that You get to do this Life. Being You. Discovering You. More and more of You. This Wondrous Life ever-surprising, ever-delighting, ever-singing You Home. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))!!!

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