Sunday, September 14, 2014

Your Joy is My Joy. My Joy is Your Joy.

Let your Joyful Heart guide You this Day. Moment by moment. Choosing consciously. Untangling energy, your precious life force from things that truly don't matter. Aware that You Matter! Your Joy in living Matters. Your Joy feeds the Soul. Lifts the Heart of this World. LIVE inspired! Drop into your Self and move from your Center. Allowing the flow of life to carry You into the Life you came here to live, to experience this sense of Self. Authentic and Free. Expressing the Essence of You that cannot be conditioned by the external; that is incapable of living from expectations imposed by others; that only wants you to taste the Joy of being You. Sharing your Self, the gift of You. Lighting the way for All. Remembering: You are the Light. You embody the Light of the Universe ever-guiding You Home to Your Self. More and more of You. Ready to Play. To bring through your Heart's desires ever-calling. You blossom in the white spaces on your calendar. Jump off the crazy train of doing incessantly and sit with Your Self. Be Still. Just breathe. Be quiet. Listening to the wisdom of the Universe that pulses through You. Let your heart whisper the Truth, the Beauty of You. Dare to acknowledge the Life You want and plug your energies into creating that. Take charge of your Life! Willing to disappoint others who need you to be who they need you to be. Your fierce Heart can handle the fear, the stress, the uncomfortableness that washes through when you make changes without approval from others. Your Brave Heart will lead the way for All. Reminding them of the power of choice and the Good you open to when you exercise it. Deliberately living. Eyes wide open and opening wider through amazing grace. Seeing the energy you spend on things that don't serve you anymore. Seeing your resistance to letting go of patterns, habits, behaviors, thoughts, beliefs that bleed you blocking the river of creation longing to carry you into new worlds calling you Now. Seeing you are putting on the brakes not some external forces. You are the mountain to move. Seeing clearly the Life You want is waiting for You to align with it. Step into this Dream awake, experiencing this Love ever-nourishing You, ushering You into this Joy of living. Being You. Doing You. Willing to do what ya gotta do to come Alive being True to You. Please! Please! Please! Jump into this day with Faith in your Self. Trusting you cannot possibly F*ck this life Up. Make choices. See where they lead. Make another choice exploring new roads. Trust Your Self to navigate your Life. Knowing the heavens within You are cheering You On. Saying: ENJOY THE RIDE! This is Your Life. Your Joy in living it makes You Rich. And changes the World. Truly! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)

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