Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sing a Happy Song in Your Heart!

SING a Happy Song in Your Heart All Day:)! Happydancin:) come what may. Inviting the HAPPYgasms invoked by You Being present. Fully Alive in a moment connected to this Love you are. This universal field. Life. Abundance Ever-flowing. Longing to usher you Home to Your truest Self and truest Life. Dance to the resonance of Joy always there. Always here. Pulsing through You. Yours for the claiming. Smiling with All of You. Feeling your Self wide open to the possibilities. Hope springing from the depths of You. Dreams stirring. Sacred longings ready for you to Play them into existence. Birth what's next?! Free the Passion. This Love of living. Being You. Remembering there is more to Life than checking off "to do" lists. Do what ya gotta do. And make time to Play. Dance. Sing a Happy Song in Your Heart. Because one day this magnificent adventure will end. And the only thing you leave behind is your Love. This vibration of pure joy in being You. Living. The shitty days and the days that leave you clutching your Heart in awe. Love them all. Meet life. Open. Your mind resists this healing energy of Goodness. Your divine essence. Drop into your fierce Heart. Allow the Happy to bubble up. You are living this Dream wide awake when You experience this Love. Connected to this Love. You experience the Truth. The Beauty. You are. Life is. This is EVERYTHING! When shitty days come, look 'em in the eye and say with All of You: I am not gonna let you steal my Joy! And laugh out loud at the absurdity that You who house the power of the Universe would ever give up, lay down, cower to life circumstances. You deserve to Happydance! You are worthy of the Good that lies within You. Heart-based living is badass. Sing your Happy song because it Feels Good to Feel GOOD. And feeling Good brings more Goodness your way. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!

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