Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This Divine Thirst.

This Thirst. So Divine. To know Your Self. Unquenchable. Always More. Exploring. Discovering. Embodying. Integrating. Becoming Whole. Feeling a Sense of Self. Now. Letting go. Allowing the New. Inviting energies to Awaken. Fear in the knowing. Fear in the Not knowing. The longing. The calling. A gift. Discontentment. Unsettled within your Self. No rest. Not able to ignore the Sacred nudges from within. The Soul trumps your human desire trying to keep everything the same. To stay Safely tucked in the comfortable. Leaning into the uncomfortable. Allowing the feelings to wash through. Resistance. Anxiety. Doubt. Worry. Mustering the grace to Go where you have Not gone. Where you didn't know You would ever Go. Receiving this Love from the well within You. Feeling the forces of the Universe supporting You. Step by step. Moment by moment. Day by day. Living. Becoming. Showing Up. Knowing Your Self as Never before. Again and again. Always more. Meeting who You are Now with a sense of Awe and Wonder. Curiously exploring the energies Alive within You. Making choices that align with You now. Redirecting Your Life deliberately. Consciously steering Your Self into what fits now. What feels Good now. What brings you joy. What makes life Fun. Present to Your Self fully aware that this Life is Yours. Do You. Be You. Love You. Tuning into your Self. Knowing your Love of Living this Life makes You Rich. This Love experienced is the Dream. Let Your Ever-guiding Heart lead You home to the Beauty you are and Life Is. You are worthy of All that is Good. Believe this! Let the Good of the heavens Alive within You pour through this Day. Ushering You Home. Making Your Wings even more Glorious. Riding the waves of Grace. So Amazing!!!! Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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