Monday, September 22, 2014

Receive the Grace within All Moments!

Feel the Joy! Touch this Magic within Your Heart. Experience the Light of the heavens pouring through You. Right here. Now. Let it Open You wider and wider. Wonder this Day anticipating the Good to come your way. Meeting just who you need to meet. Connecting to your Self knowing this is Your Life. Daring to want what You want and Believe in the Dreams calling You. Knowing it ain't over 'til it's over! Breathing through resistance that will surely come as worry, doubt, and fear are a part of this Human dance. Letting Go and letting this Force of Love within You do what it does Miraculously: moving the mountains. Following inspired ideas for the Joy of exploring the possibilities. Trusting your Self to act on your own behalf doing what ya gotta do for You as you would do for any friend. Talking to your Self all day with nourishing words that empower you, take You beyond your Hurt Self into your Higher Self, your Soul on Fire untouched by life's pain. This Passion ignited frees your sacred desires and elevates You so you can see: You came here to kickass! Being You. Going where Only you can Go. You are a Force embodying the Wisdom of the Universe. Faith is receiving this Amazing Grace; aligning with this infinite Source and allowing it to guide you moment by moment. Choice by choice. Day by day into Your Highest Good and Greatest Joy. Wherever you are, BE THERE fully. Observe your Self with compassion. Notice when you hold back and don't do or say what you want to. Pay attention to what you are avoiding. Do and say what scares the shit outa You! Break free. The moment You stand in your Power holding your own hand, knowing you have the support of Your Self, the Universal field within You; Everything shifts. You are flowing with Life into your Truest Self and Truest Life. Abiding Joy springs no matter what Life brings when You show Up, ALIVE in the dance, feeling this Song of Love from within You leading You Home. To You. To authentic Living. Liberating You. Again and again into More amazing Surprises that surely come When You Go Boldly; living from Your Brave Heart that simply cannot let You rest in a life that confines and cages You. You have Dreams to hatch. You have seeds of Promise to Blossom. You have an Adventure to experience as You Live this day and Love it All. Delighting in the moments no matter what. Giggling within. Whispering through All of You: This moment is My Life. Be present. Feel the moments fully. Let them dance You. All moments are precious. Holy. Communion with Your Self. With the heavens within You ever-guiding. Ushering You into the Life You came here to Live. BE the Change. Being You. Freeing You. Loving You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

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