Sunday, September 21, 2014

What makes your Heart Sing: YES!!!?

Let this Day blossom You. Delight You. Surprise You. Let Go! Go right into your heart Center and pour your breath into it opening You. Releasing any resistance. Nourishing You with a sense of your Self. Remembering You matter. Receiving this Love You are. Connecting to the Universal Heart. Feeling So Brave! Echoing this Truth: I am so Brave! Saying this over and over, all day long. Affirming the limitless well of Courage that lies within You. The courage to show Up for this Day daring to be You. Do You. Play wildly. Let your Heart lead the way. Do something just for You! Anything. Be spontaneous. In the moment, take your Self by the hand and Jump! Do something different. Do something you haven't done in years. Do something you have always wanted to do. Live this day for the sheer Joy of living! Just do You. Be true to You. Whatever makes you say YESSS! and feel excited that you are alive and get to experience this Life. Honor Your heart's desires consciously choosing to do or not do. Be Free! Feed your Self connecting to this inner Fire, the Passion. Always there. Always here. Inviting this energy to dance You into new depths of Happy ever-springing. Leading you Home. Laughing out Loud feeling your Light Heart opening You to You; to Your Life. Tasting the Fun. The pleasure known in the sweetness of You following your Heart. Sing out loud! Happydance:). Welcome the HAPPYgasms all day: ALIVE! Fully present in the direct experiences feeling the overwhelming sense of wonder and awe and pure Joy in being You. Living a life You absolutely Love. Knowing this Love experienced is EVERYTHING! And you deserve a Life that leaves you clutching you Heart echoing THANK YOU! Thank You! Thank You! For this Life. This day. Go! Go! Go! Follow your sense of excitement. Give your Self the gift of You Engaged in this Life wide Open to the JOY:) that lies within your Heart. Be Brave! Be You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!

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