Sunday, September 28, 2014

Now. That's Living!

Now. That's LIVING! Open your Heart wider than You feel is Safe. Meet this Day. Meet Your Self. Let Life touch You. Feel the moments. Be in the direct experiences remembering this is Your Life. Come Alive! Enriched by the Ordinary. Made Extraordinary by You. Your Presence. You dancing free in the Beauty. Always here. Inviting your Heart to lead the way. Letting Go of the worry, doubt, anxiety, fear that washes Up taking you Out of the Magic ever-springing breath by breath. Stop! Sip In this abiding Joy calling You to Celebrate this Day. You being You. Wherever You are. Be there. Be here. Feel you way. Connected to Your Self. Connected to the moments playing with Infinity. Living this Adventure. Smelling the roses. Always here. Tasting the sweetness of Life. Placing your face in the sun. Watching the clouds shape-shifting. Bantering with a friend. Singing a song you love at the top of your lungs. Petting your cat or dog. Fixing a sandwich. Grabbing a cold beer. Cheering on your favorite team. Be present to the experiences. All moments are holy. Communing with Your Higher Self. Knowing: You are Sacred. All of Creation is Sacred. Feeling the Power, this Force of Love pouring through You. Me. All. This day. In the moments that Rock you, breaking your heart and the Moments that lift you beyond what you knew was possible. Opportunity knocking. Always. Present to Your Self. Holding your own hand Believing in the Miracle life is. You are. Saying over and over: ANYTHING is Possible. Calling Your Self Up. Awakening to this Dream. Following your Bliss-this resonance experienced when you flow with Life. Allowing. Letting Go of resistance that keeps life at bay. Feeling the Hope. The wonder. Ever-Present. Appreciating your Self as a unique expression. So Magnificent. Truly. Receiving the Amazing Grace you are so you can share your Self with All. For Your Joy. Simply being You. Living the Passion. Aware. Fully engaged. Remembering what it Feels like to Play beyond some idea of that. Letting Go of control and rigidity that keeps life contained. Befriending Spontaneity! Be Brave. Ever-Exploring new depths of You. Life. Saying THANK YOU all day. More! More! More! Please. As you live in the Abundance. Touching limitlessness. Flying high. Now. That's LIVING!!! Experience this Day as if your Life depends on its nourishment. Feed Your Self. Give Your Self what you want. Go Ahead. Discover the Pleasures of being You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

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