Monday, September 15, 2014

Remember: You are The HOPE. The Love. The Miracle.

Breathe. Feel the flow of Life wash through You. Take You into Your Fierce Heart that can contain all experiences. That which we Bless and Curse. Feel this Flow Open You. Fortify You. Remind You that you are ever-guided, ever-assisted by the Universe. This higher wisdom that You house. This Love You are. The essence of You and All. This Creative Force that You embody. Heaven within You ushering You into your highest Good and greatest Joy. Awakening You. Aligning You with the Life You came here to Live. Home within your Self within this world. You receiving the Amazing Grace feeling worthy of the Good. Trusting You deserve the Joy you experience in living your Life. Being You. The greatest act of service to the Whole is to create a Life You Love. Ever-evolving. Ever-growing. Freeing your Passion. In awe that You matter. Your life is significant. You Rise and take All with You. Your connection to the Soul force of the Universe open and willing to let It Dance You beyond what You ever believed was possible dances the Collective. We are One. A shared Heart. All of Humanity. On a human level, You can feel overwhelmed trying to fix and control what cannot be fixed and controlled. At the level of Soul, you Know letting Go into any moment. Untangling from the Chaos. Breathing. Going within. Returning to the Truth and Beauty. Liberating Your Self to do You. Live your Part. Heal your Self. Love your Self and experience the Miracle of You. The Hope of You. The Power of You. Alive. Fully engaged. Letting this universal force Field, this well of Love, Amazing Grace cauterize the wounds so Life's blood can pulse fully through You. Your Life. Standing whole, you stand on this earth letting the heavens shine through You as You go about your day being You. Living your truest life. Clutching your heart in gratitude for the privilege to be You. Seeing the Perfection, the divine orchestration of your ever-unfolding Life. Everything led You Here. And there is More. More Good. More Magic. More Wonder. More Joy to come. Just say THANK YOU all day long. Lift your sails confident that You Matter. Daring the gods to show off through You. Being You. Enthusiastic. Believing in the Infinite Potential of You. Believing with every fiber of your Being that ANYTHING is Possible. Bring It ON. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!!!

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