Wednesday, September 3, 2014

You. Exquisitely Alive!

Feel the Morning echoing this Love. You are. The Truth You embody. The essence of All. This Stillness washing through You. Wondrous. Lovely. Sip it In. Let your breath open You wider and wider. Engaged. Mind. Body. Heart. And Soul. Enter this Day whole. Remember this Sacred space within You. Always here. Holding You. Moment by moment. A Place to Rest within You. No matter the external circumstances. The Truth. The Beauty. Springing from this well of Love. Peace. Joy. Nourishing You through whatever comes. No matter how chaotic Life can feel. This Haven within. Heaven. The constant stream that waters You. Sustains You. Leads You Home. Again and again. Clearing Obstacles. Releasing Tension. Freeing Overwhelm. Balancing Energies. Returning You to Harmony with the whole of the Universe. Awakening Your Heart. Taking You by the hand into new depths of Courage. Unstoppable. Limitless. Ever-guiding. Ever-opening. You. Life. All of Creation. Your liberation lifts All. Your freedom frees All. Revealing possibilities. Reminding All: We are Miracles! Connected to the Source. Soul powered. This immeasurable Force. Beating Your Heart. Lighting the Skies. Animating the Whole Cosmos. You. Me. All. At Play. Embodying infinity. Dancing Fire. Living the Passion. Wild. Open. Raw. Exquisitely Alive as never before possible. Knowing the Joy of being. Amazing. Awesome. Magnificent. You. Woo woo woofrickinhoo!!!

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