Tuesday, September 23, 2014

BELIEVE: Within You Lies the Love of the Universe.

Right here. Now. Be Courageous! Invite the Peace, the Joy, the Beauty, the Hope to companion You this Day. Close your eyes and just Breathe. Inhale is receiving this Love, the support of the Universe, the Cosmic Heart within your very being, pouring this Life Force through your Breath; and exhale is giving it OUT to the whole world. You receiving, fishing from this limitless Ocean of Love within allows You to Give. You must receive in order to give. This is dancing with Infinity. You plugged In to the Source being nourished by this Energy that animates all of Creation feed the whole. You have such a depth of feeling and empathy that the global events create chaos within You. The Hurt you see all around can overwhelm You feeling the heart break and pain. Pray for All. Place the whole World in your Heart and shower it with Love. You cannot carry the burdens of this World. Your heavy heart serves no One. Let Go! Give it to the Universe and breathe deeply feeling this Love flow from you to All. Connect from the depths of You. Breathe. Feel the magic. Yes. The world is changed by YOU being the Love and the Peace. Embodying the love and peace of the universe. You being the Light for them. Lighting the Way with Your Hope, Your Joy, Your Peace, Your Beauty made Possible by the Miracle, this Field of Love that lies within You. Stirring their hearts with Yours. Lifting their Hearts with Yours. And as we Grow, we must go deeper and deeper to receive more Universal Love to hold us as we carry the Light living this dream being Us. In Awe, we are Open flowing with Life. In Overwhelm, we are cut Off from this Amazing Grace. Dance in awe and dance in Overwhelm. Being human, we experience Both: Awe and Overwhelm. Find Your way to Rest within You. Feeling the Significance of You as an individual expressing, creating a Life you Love that reflects You and echoing this into the Collective Heart. Love! Love! Love! Your Self. In moments of Terror that steal your breath. This is Your Life. Allow it. In moments of Awe that leave you clutching your Heart in gratitude. This is Your Life. Allow it. Love creates the Miracle. Allowing You to be Present. Alive! Fully engaged in the Direct Experience dancing with whatever comes. Feeling the Beauty. Held in the Truth. Knowing: You Matter. Your Joy is my Joy. My Joy is Your Joy. One Heart. Ever-connected dancing this Sacred Dance: LIFE! Believing. Walking in Faith receiving this Love that Parts the seas within You. Within the World. You Matter. Yes. You. Do. Woo woo woofrickinhoo:)!

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